Brief Summary of ME/CFS, MECFSSA and the #MillionsMissing Campaign


Worldwide #MilionsMissing Initiative round 2 on 27 Sept 2016 for the illness ME/CFS – South Africa’s campaign


Reg nr 2015/394378/08 NGO advocating for and assisting people with ME/CFS

 What is ME/CFS?

ME/CFS is a complex multi-system disease that causes significant immune, neurological and autonomic abnormalities. It has one of the lowest quality of life scores of any disease and is sometimes referred to as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but is far different from normal “tiredness’.” ( It is estimated that +/- 20 million people have the illness worldwide; thousands in SA not diagnosed yet.

It can affect ANY ONE

#MillionsMissing Worldwide Initiative:

27 September 2016 is round 2 of the International campaign initiative called # MillionsMissing where people worldwide set out pairs of shoes in open spaces in their cities to symbolise people who cannot participate in life because of ME/CFS. However, due to the nature of the illness many patients take photos of the shoes they can no longer wear and participate VIRTUALLY. Millions of people worldwide are missing from crèches, school, universities, work, i.e. LIFE! South Africa’s participation is done virtually.

The Foundation’s short to medium term objectives:

Continue to create awareness;

advocating patients’ rights;

form a network of medical practitioners for diagnosis and to provide basic symptomatic treatment;

compiling statistics;

Initiate contact with Universities/Medical Schools;

provide comprehensive support to those who cannot afford any form of treatment;

Start training care takers to take care of the needs of the severely ill Identify sites and

draft plans for building its first care facility.

The Foundation needs help to CONTINUE its work in South Africa:

1. To donate in South Africa

send a SMS typing “Donate MECFS”

to the number 48748 R10 p/sms


“Donate MECFS”

to the number 40580 R20 p/sms

2. Bank details:

The MECFS Foundation South Africa,

Standard Bank,

Savings Account nr 015550524;

branch code: 01584141

– also on our website:;


Twitter: @mecfs_sa

Our Facebook page: The ME CFS Foundation South Africa