MORE Stories of people reached by the Foundation

Retha used to love working and studying, she fell ill at 36 and now 14 years later are primarily housebound, she misses a career, wearing nice clothes and shoes, social interaction, being active!

“I fell ill at the age of 36 and have been ill for 14 years now. My condition also deteriorated over the years and I am now mostly house bound. The one part of ME/CFS is that your body doesn’t make energy the way it should. Therefore, it is like an old cellphone with a very poor battery which needs to be charged fairly often and while it is charged the phone can’t be used. I can function for 2 – 3 hours and then need to recharge lying down with no stimuli for an hour or two plus, depending on how I am feeling on that day.

Starting the support group and co-founded this foundaretha-1tion has empowered me and I cannot describe the immense satisfaction I get when we reach another sufferer. I also had to stop working formally and we’ve been financially ruined. When I need to travel more than 30 minutes away; I lie at the back of the car and “rest” while my oldest daughter or husband drives me.”retha





Mohammed (an alias) used to be a high-flyer, working hard, had everything going for him, but then he got ill with M.E./CFS. He is currently on sick leave but chances of him returning to work are slim. He misses his old LIFE



AGAIN: South Africans please become aware of this devastating and debilitating illness and open your hearts and pockets. Via The ME CFS Foundation South Africa NPO we CAN change the lives of thousands. We’ve already changed the lives of a substantial number of patients!

paula-academic paula-hikepaula-dancepaula-cycle Paula “I used to be a top achiever and was physically very active. I used to hike, ride my bicycle, danced (all types) and was an academic. I was a humanities reader, researcher and writer!.

Then ME/CFS struck 5 years ago and I became too ill for any of this. I miss all of it! I miss standing in front of an audience presenting findings; I struggle to read even light material these days.

I lived overseas; studied at Oxford with plans to do a PHD and all of that are in the past now!”

I wanted to do a PhD and work in NGO think tank/ advocacy organisations.
I got ME 5 years ago after a virus and became too ill to live the life I once
lived.  I struggled through my Masters degree and worked for a brief time
and was forced to stop working completely. I can now do a very small
amount of work (about 4 hours/week max) as I have to constantly monitor my
energy levels. I miss all of it more than I could ever say!”




Debbie mother of 4 got diagnosed a few months ago. Imagine being a mom with 4 children and then get ME/CFS. She misses being active!






thula65xhpL: was amongst other things a Yoga Instructor and a Professional Chef before ME/CFS struck. She’s had ME/CFS for 8 years now and misses her old life tremendously!  She had a wide range of hobbies and interests