Tekkie Tax Day


To obtain your Tekkie Tax materials (stickers, shoelaces, T-shirts ect) from The ME CFS Foundation South Africa; email Retha Viviers via info@mecfssa.org or sms too 082 444 7247. Due to the vast volumes of support Retha is doing, she is unable to take phone calls. Thank you for understanding and for supporting!

2 thoughts on “Tekkie Tax Day”

  1. Kari Leppan says:

    Evening Retha
    Please could you give me some extra information on the Tekkie Tax Day: fundraising How does it work and what are the costs?

    1. Retha says:

      Hi Kari

      Thank you very much for your enquiry.

      We emailed you from mecfssafoundation@gmail.com

      Warm regards
      Retha Viviers

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